The current focus of my practice is working on my ‘Carbon’ series. Using a blend of materials, oil paint, pastels plaster, coal and chicken wire. The natural environment is at the forefront of my practice and the interchangeability between painting and sculpture is a constant in how I communicate my message

 Titled 'Carbon 1-6' is a body of work that highlighted the effect of this element in our lives, using colourful abstraction to express that.


 As a former heating engineer and growing up in an environment close to gasworks and having used coal as a heat source, I felt this subject personally chimed with me. I felt this body of work evolved into forms of ' Celestrial paintings' and that carbon is one the most abundant elements of the universe, I felt this was a natural evolution in the work.

My paintings and 3-dimensional work draw on a wide range of sources for their imagery: everyday life, walks, images of social media, and natural materials. These are used to create spontaneous contemporary compositions that result in highly charged, yet resolved work that aims to offer an open-ended and varied interpretation.



Will Griffin.

June 2021


Born -London 1960.

Education - Fine art UAL Chelsea.

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