My process is creating art using paper and colour as a starting point to form 3-dimensional sculptures which suggest rhythmic movement. This motion is also reflected in my freestanding woodland/land art sculptures.

  The materials used include plaster, coal, foraged sticks of wood, tree branches, wire, watercolours, oil pastels and paper. 

  Study and research of materials and their dynamic interaction with one another are ongoing and essential to my practice. The concept of ‘Perceived Motion’ sculptural pieces created from static rigid components fascinates me. By interweaving these materials to simulate movement  I communicate with an audience.

  Current influences are from the sculptor Eduardo Chillida and his writings about the three dimensions of space.

  Whilst the current lockdown situation is not ideal, I feel that it has opened up a corridor of creativity which I otherwise would not have entered. Working on a much smaller scale has had the effect of expanding the possibilities for future projects. By scaling down and stripping back my work to its essence, I have been able to visualise them onto a larger scale for future work.

With my world reduced down to essentials, the work has also reflected this new way of being. It’s now a case of what not I want from the world, but only taking what I need.

  I have condensed my practice down to the smallest, most effective method of self-expression, which is also in rhythm with nature and the current environment. It is now executed during my daily journeys and walks.   To work with humble paper and foraged materials such as sticks and branches from a wood or park brings my practice down to the very essence of my natural creativity, and also represents the current world and times I am living through.

  My interior life is linked to the exterior new world, the most interesting part of which is an examination of what is vital once all that is superfluous is stripped away. I have discovered that I am still able to survive and thrive in this new landscape.

  Feeling like a journeyman leaving home looking for locations where I can express myself has changed my practise into one that was previously studio bound to one that has now a completely new external dimension. Once on-site, I endeavour to experiment and document with time, space, beginnings and ends.

  Having limited movement in the present landscape and travelling mostly on foot or bicycle the range of my locations has been curtailed, but my imagination has not. 

Will Griffin.

June 2020

COPYRIGHT © 2020 Will Griffin.

COPYRIGHT © 2020 Will Griffin.
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